Thursday, June 20

Nirmithi Kendra’s jurisdiction covers Chitradurga district and includes six taluks. Hiriyur taluk will have a branch in Metikurke village.

Since the Karnataka Transparency in Public Procurement Act, 1999 came into existence, the government has been exempting manufacturing centers every year under clause 4(g) of the said rule. On this basis, various government departments, Zilla Panchayat and local bodies are directly entrusting the works to the construction center.

A total of 750 works were assigned to the construction center in 2022-23. A total of Rs. 8002.72 lakhs will be released. The beginning fee for 2022-23 is Rs 2865.50 lakhs and the total is Rs. 8559.10 lakhs will be incurred. The final fee is Rs. 2309.00 lakhs. A total of 276 works have been completed including the ongoing works. The rest of the works are in progress at various stages. The expenditure of 8559.10 lakhs includes 7397.38 lakhs for works and administrative expenses of 311.36 lakhs for maintenance, GST 589.84 lakhs, labor cess 102.42 lakhs, capital 114.72 lakhs, income tax 43.38 lakhs.

47142 cc in the production unit. Blocks and 50 cc benches are produced. 36 doors of different sizes, 71 windows, 14 ventilators are manufactured in the workshop. The materials produced are being used for construction center works.

The Karnataka High Court has stayed the orders passed by the Karnataka Information Commission regarding the Nirmithi Kendra’s coverage under the Right to Information Act, 2005, and the stay is still in force.

The operations of the manufacturing center are carried out by following the instructions given in various Acts, orders issued by the Government from time to time, circulars and decisions taken in the Governing Body/Executive Committee meetings of the organization.

In the year 2022-23, a meeting of the governing body and an executive committee meeting were held and steps have been taken to implement the decisions taken in the meetings as per the rules.

Activities for the year 2022-23

S. N Name of the DepartmentNo. of works
1District Collector’s Office (Including the works of MPs, MLAs & Legislative Council members)198
2Zilla Panchayat191
3District Social Welfare Department136
4District Health Department47
5Karnataka State Safai Karmachari Development Corporation31
6District Mineral Foundation Trust30
7Department of Mujarai19
8Scheduled Tribe Department15
9Bayaluseeme Area Development Board14
10Refugee Relief Centre12
11Department of Agriculture11
12Taluk Panchayat9
13Department of Minority Welfare7
14Department of Ayush7
15Police Department5
16Department of Women and Child Welfare4
17Hopcoms 3
18District Backward Classes Welfare Department2
19Department of Public Education2
20Industrial Training Institute2
21District Central Library1
22P.L.D. Bank1
23Karnataka Thanda Development Corporation1
24Taluk Office1
25Department of Youth Services and Sports1

Production unit report for the year 2022-23

S.N Details of Materials Produced Quantity
Cement Based
1 Cement concrete blocks (16″x8″x6″) 47142
2 Cement concrete bench (Sales) 50
Cement free
3 Doors 2′.6″ x 7 7
4 Doors 3 x 7 10
5 Doors 3′.6″ x 6′.6″ 3
6 Doors 4 x 7 13
7 Doors 5 x 7 3
8 Windows 4 x 4 30
9 Windows 5 x 4 21
10 Grill 4 x 4 20
11 Ventilator 2′.6″ x 2 8
12 Ventilator 2 x 2 6