Thursday, June 20

As per the guidelines

The Government of Karnataka established Chitradurga Nirmithi Kendra during 1989 in the Chitradurga District. It is a Registered Society under Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960. Since its inception the Kendra has made spectacular progress in the field of promotion of Cost Effective, Energy Efficient Building Materials and it dearness to be recognized as one of the leading building centres at the National Level. With the dedication and concerted efforts put forth by the result oriented, dynamic and able Project Manager and his team and equally with the leadership of Deputy Commissioner as Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer, Zilla Panchayath as working Chairman, the Kendra has made commendable progress and become a self sustainable centre.

Cost Effective Housing Technology

The Kendra has been able to contribute significantly to the development process of Chitradurga District through implementation of cost effective housing technology and employed about 1000 persons both skilled and unskilled in rural and urban area of Chitradurga District and created awareness about cost effective housing technology.

The Nirmithi Kendra is established and administrating out of the funds received by Government Departments and Local Bodies.

The Nirmithi Kendra is providing health, safety, social and economic security to the Registered Building and other Construction workers by training up of skilled, Semi skilled and Un-skilled workers.